Mr Cooper Ali-Shabazz is an inspirational speaker who projects a unique style and personal magnetism behind his positive self-improvement message. He is gifted in reaching a wide range of audiences, from elite athletes and service clubs, school children, business groups, and martial arts clubs to speaking at personal development seminars. His self-improvement message is entwined with knowledge of current social issues and human psychology, with his lessons presented in a tangible way so that participants can relate his advice to their own lives. 

His most powerful talks and seminars are on gentleman’s etiquette, integrity, morality, and the need for modern day males to ‘rise up’ and become refined versions of men by moulding themselves in the way of the Warrior Gentleman. In recent years, his motivational work with athletes has opened doors for him to speak to elite sporting teams who have found themselves in a negative media light. This has included targeting male sports stars who are wealthy and famous, but who regularly fall into trouble from lack of moral masculine guidance.

Mr. Cooper Ali Shabazz

Inspirational Speaker