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Welcome to “Shabazz World”. Mr Cooper Ali-Shabazz is a man of many talents: author, actor, speaker, musician, martial artist but most importantly he is a warrior and a gentleman.

Mystical Sound of the Bamboo flute

The melodious sound of the bamboo flute is spiritual in nature. It is hauntingly beautiful, soothing to the mind and spirit. Used as an instrument of meditation in many cultures since time immemorial. It is said “When the most beautiful Lord Sri Krsna played his transcendental flute the trees though inanimate beings they would bend their bodies and branches trying to get nearer to the captivating sound”. – Venu Gita

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About Shabazz

Mr Cooper Ali-Shabazz (affectionately known as Shabazz) was born in Brooklyn, USA. He started training in the warrior arts at an early age as a means to combat the violence of growing up on the streets of New York.


For more than forty years he has developed himself as a world champion martial artist and self-defence master. An ardent practitioner of Bhakti Yoga, he is also a philosopher, author, actor, life coach, warrior, and gentleman’s etiquette advocate.


Some of his martial art achievements include:


  • World Cup Martial Arts Gold Medal
  • ISKA 1st Place Self-Defence Black Belt Division Australasian Title
  • World Cup of Martial Arts 1st & 2nd Place Winner, respectively


When he is not writing, Shabazz still consults to the security industry, teaches self-defence, and is a public speaker on philosophy, religion, spirituality, and gentleman’s etiquette.